Vacation Rental FAQs

Eastman Premier Rentals – Rental FAQs
Get answers to frequently asked questions about Eastman, NH vacation rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does my rental unit have internet access?

    Some units have internet access, and some do not. It is to the owner’s discretion. Check with Eastman Premier Rentals for more details. If your rental unit has Wi-Fi, access information is provided on a Wi-Fi postcard upon arrival. Free Wi-Fi is also available at the South Cove Activity Center (more details below).

  • When is trash removal scheduled?

    All condo trash is picked up on Mondays. Condos A & C, along with condos located on Barn Owl Overlook, have an additional pick up on Fridays. House pick up is on Thursdays. Please leave trash in trash barrels provided outside the unit, and they will be picked up from there.

  • Who do I call in case of emergency?

    For medical emergencies, please call 911. If you have security concerns, please call Eastman Security at 603-863-4091. For other emergencies, please call Eastman Premier Rentals at 603-865-5174; if after hours, please leave a message and someone will be paged.

  • When is payment for my rental due?

    Payment for your rental is due in full one month before your arrival.

  • Is smoking allowed at the rental?

    No. Our rentals are smoke free. Please do not smoke in or near the structure, and be sure to be considerate of those around you.

  • What kind of cable service is available?

    Basic cable TV is provided by the owner. The owner can choose to upgrade at their discretion. All movies ordered by tenants that require additional payment will be charged at the tenant’s expense.

  • May I use the telephone in the rental?

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  • Is there a cleaning service available?

    The rental unit will be cleaned before your arrival. Additional cleaning services are available. Please contact Eastman Premier Rentals at 603-865-5174 for rates.

  • Are personal items such as shampoo, soaps, etc. provided?

    No. These items are not provided. If there are any leftover at the unit feel free to use them. You will find these items available to purchase at the Rumbrook Market just outside of Eastman (249 New Hampshire Route 10, Grantham, NH)

  • Are beach supplies provided?

    Some properties are supplied with beach items at the owner’s discretion. If there are items available, such as beach chairs, feel free to use them.

  • What hours are the Eastman Lake beaches open?

    All Eastman beaches are open during daylight hours. No alcohol or glass is allowed on the beaches.

  • What is the South Cove Activity Center, and when is it open?

    The South Cove Activity Center is open from 8:00am – 9:00pm daily. There you will find an indoor pool, fitness center, and free Wi-Fi with plenty of comfortable sitting areas. Their phone number is 603-863-6772.

  • Are there boat rentals available?

    You will find many rentals available such as canoes, kayaks, sail boats, paddle boats, etc. at the South Cove Activity Center. Feel free to contact them at 603-863-6772 for more details and pricing.

  • Do I need parking passes?

    Two parking passes are provided by Eastman Premier Rentals upon your arrival. Eastman asks that you provide your license plate number and state to the recreation center for parking in community areas. All condos come with 2 parking spaces with additional visitor parking. We ask that you are courteous of neighbors when parking at condos.

For more information about Check In, Check Out and Local Activities, please view our Rental Policies.